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Developing Custom Innovative Applications
We develop custom applications, concerning new and exciting technologies such as blockchain, AI, 3D and many more.
Modernize RPG Applications
We assist customers in modernizing their current RPG applications so they can run for many more years to come. Hence, securing the previous investments of the customer.
SQL Conversion
We help customers convert their current database system to more streamlined SQL-databases.
We provide education for our customers' IT department to learn new techniques and emerging open source and RPG technologies.
Functional Analysis
We provide business and functional analysis of our customers' projects. We assist the customer in building the correct IT infrastructure to provide for the business requirements.
We provide developers to aid or assist the IT department of our customers. We help the IT department to develop new or support current applications.
System Administration
We provide services in the administration and configuration of systems. Examples are: PTF installs, high availability installation, single sign-on installation, ...
New Systems
We assist the customer in the purchase of new hardware and software solutions of various vendors. This encompasses IBM, Microsoft, SAP, ...
We build integrations between different solutions running at the site of the customer. Integration with SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office Exchange, ...

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

Deploying the new manufacturing application from CD Invest on IBM Power Systems slashed our lead times by up to 66 percent. We can typically deliver orders to customers within a week, giving us an edge over many of our competitors.

Ronny Callant

Cras Woodshops

Thanks to our partnership with IBM and CD Invest, we are building the digital retail capabilities we need to thrive in B2B and B2C markets, and we’re excited by what the future holds.

Axelle Van Maele

Wijnen Van Maele

The market adoption rate of the CD-Invest solution is higher than we ever could have predicted—last time we checked, 90 percent of the Belgian market was using it.

Franky Deleu, Chief Information Officer


With the innovative potential of IBM i and the expertise of CD Invest, we have modernized our business while retaining our legacy of excellence.

Benedict Geers, Owner


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